In our project we have built a team with many years of experience in construction and rehabilitation, trained to tackle any job.

Within our staff we have masons, plumbers, electricians, pladuristas and carpenters, and this gives us an extra efficiency because it allows us to be more rapid and resolute.

To be a team comprised of people of various nationalities gives us an openness of mind, the ability to empathize with each other and form a team where what is important is not the individual but the collective. Working every day to be better, and provide our customers with an excellent experience in all that you need.

Our purpose is simple, to be of service to the customer.

Pepe Lamela

Passionate from a young age by the construction, technology and repair of everything that passed through my hands, I got interested since I was very small by the work of this scope. I watched my grandfather as arranged it all, or helping my father in every task that he would have a pallet and cement.

I started from a very young age to work out because the school I was not interested, after trying various jobs as a waiter, gardener or the repairer of the electronic devices I decided to look for a job I am motivated, and I started building prefabricated houses where I learned of many trades associated with construction.

In parallel, I decided to continue my training combining work and studies, it turned out easy this process because I was studying what I was passionate about, doing degrees in construction, electricity, plumbing, and air conditioning. In addition, I continue to develop myself both at work and corporate level, and doing all kinds of formations in order to be my best version.

After working in different companies and to manage teams, I decided to make the leap to entrepreneurship, taking as a mentor and is a reference to my father-in-law, builder of more than 40 years of experience.

From that moment my life changed when finding a demanding job, where you have to give the best of yourself to promote your project, to motivate you every day when you have to solve all kinds of problems on a daily basis and, above all, satisfying, because you are continuously delivering value to others and, therefore, leaving a better world every day.

Be an entrepreneur and CEO of this company is not a job, it is a way of life, that I am very proud of.

"I started to get interested by this line of work since I were very young, watching my grandfather as he arranged it all, or helping my father in every task that he would have a pallet and cement."

Pepe Lamela