Integral projects

In the integrated projects of houses we work taking into account the application of the best professional solutions, which provide an improvement in certain aspects, like comfort, and the optimization and distribution of spaces. Projecting from a

perspective of the space in its entirety, where the harmony of the group prevails over proceedings spot.

On the other hand, we're also committed to a comprehensive reform of business, whether they are commercial premises, offices, restaurants, or specialized clinics, among others.

Rehabilitation of Villa in Lliber.

For the realization of this work we had to help the customer with our expertise to create spaces to transform their ideas into this magnificent project, where the essence Ibiza this very present in finishes and decoration. We work in an outstanding location, in the middle of a valley surrounded by mountains and vegetation.
Housing despite having less than 30 years old, needed a comprehensive reform by the great neglect of maintenance that I had, but right there is where we come in to turn it into a wonderful place.
All the walls of the apartment were changed to aluminum in premium quality with a thermal bridge break and crystals thermal to obtain greater energy efficiency.

Rehabilitation historic house in the old town of Altea.

In this project our client gave us the confidence to undertake a comprehensive reform of a house of character centenary with more than 120 years of construction, in addition to was a challenge, because the house is located in the old town of Altea, with all that entails for its difficult access, but just that was what led us to make this nice project. It all started redesigning a new space in the kitchen, where it had more storage, increased lighting, and adapt it to a design with mediterranean essence.

Comprehensive reform chalet in La Nucia.

In this comprehensive reform bill, both interior and exterior, we had the opportunity of working with a 6 months notice, together with our customers, to be a work agreed with term start and end of work. It was ideal to hire the reform with half a year in advance, it helped us to be able to offer the best materials and keep the price avoiding the fluctuations of the market.

Throughout the process the clients lived in a housing attached and actively participated in the construction of his dream, a house with a level of finishes, excellent to enjoy their retirement in Spain.

The process began by the demolition of windows in all the rooms, tiles, carpentry, water and light as well as movements of the earth.


Comprehensive reform of apartment in Altea.

The project was born from a contact through our web page. Our customers need to carry out a comprehensive reform of an apartment in Altea just before the summer season, where we had to do all the work of management and choice of grades via the internet.
The pillars strengths of the project were to have a floor with lots of light, installing doors and windows of metal French style in the living room and kitchen to encourage the entry of light in all the rooms. In addition, the design of the kitchen would keep a classic format and the bathrooms should be a combination of elements such as stone and wood to give it a natural look.
The opening of holes in the living room allowed us to have a room next to the dining room, where, thanks to the carpentry could be enjoyed as part of the room or as a bedroom.